List of NOC / GO / Office Order

# Upload Date Name Designation Office/Department NOC/GO
1.25 January 2022Shihab AhammedAssistant ProfessorEEEView
2.23 January 2022Tamanna Akhter PinkyAssistant ProfessorChemistryView
3.23 January 2022Salina RahmanAssistant ProfessorChemistryView
4.23 January 2022Md. Matiar RahmanAssistant ProfessorChemistryView
5.19 January 2022Kakoli KhatunAssistant ProfessorStatisticsView
6.19 January 2022Faria Ahmed ShamiAssistant ProfessorDepartment of MathematicsView
7.30 December 2021Md. Abdullah Al AsadAssociate ProfessorEEEView
8.28 December 2021Muhammad Ali khanAssistant ProfessorPharmacyView
9.28 December 2021Dr. Md. Torequl IslamAssistant ProfessorPharmacyView
10.22 December 2021B. M. Ariful IslamSystem AnalystOFFICE OF THE ICT CELLView
11.22 December 2021Md. Helal MiahAssistant ProfessorDepartment of PhysicsView
12.21 December 2021Shanita Zaman SmrityAssistant ProfessorDepartment of PharmacyView
13.19 December 2021Dr. Zilhas Ahmed JewelAssistant ProfessorDepartment of AgricultureView
14.18 December 2021Tapas BalaAssistant ProfessorMarketingView
15.13 December 2021Md. Atikur RahmanSection OfficerOFFICE OF THE ACADEMIC SECTIONView
16.30 November 2021Farzana RahmanAssistant ProfessorAgricultureView
17.29 November 2021Dr. Mahbub HasanAssistant ProfessorBiochemistry and Molecular BiologyView
18.28 November 2021Sk Mahabubur RahmanAdministrative OfficerOFFICE OF THE CONTROLLER OF EXAMINATIONSView
19.28 November 2021Md. Jamal UddinAssistant ProfessorCSEView
20.28 November 2021Md. Nasirul IslamDeputy LibrarianOFFICE OF THE LIBRARIANView
21.18 November 2021Ima Sultana CharuAssistant ProfessorPublic AdministrationView
22.14 November 2021Md. Sawon SikderLab TechnicianCSEView
23.10 November 2021Ms. Ima Sultana CharuAssistant ProfessorPublic AdministrationView
24.08 November 2021Md. Zahid HasanAssistant ProfessorStatisticsView
25.08 November 2021Mitu SultanaAssistant ProfessorMathematicsView
26.07 November 2021Avijit BiswasAssistant ProfessorAgricultureView
27.03 November 2021Md. Shahed Zaman Setu Administrative OfficerOFFICE OF THE FINANCE AND ACCOUNTSView
28.02 November 2021Dr. Md. Jahidul Islam ShohagAssistant ProfessorAgricultureView
29.02 November 2021Husnul AjraAssistant ProfessorCSEView
30.02 November 2021Husnul AjraAssistant ProfessorCSEView
31.21 October 2021Tarikul IslamLecturerMathematicsView
32.14 October 2021Md. Jadu MiaLecturerChemistryView
33.07 October 2021Dr. Md. Torequl IslamAssistant ProfessorPharmacyView
34.03 October 2021Shawon ShikderLab TechnicianCSEView
35.03 October 2021Dr. Nishith KumarAssociate ProfessoStatisticsView
36.02 October 2021Ujjal MondalAssistant ProfessorAISView
37.29 September 2021Dr. Dipankar KumarAssociate ProfessorMathematicsView
38.26 September 2021Mr. Naim FerdousAssistant ProfessorEEEView
39.21 September 2021Md. Nasir UddinAssistant ProfessorPADView
40.21 September 2021Md. Mehedi Hasasn BabuAssistant ProfessorACCEView
41.19 September 2021Md. AnwaruzzamanAssistant ProfessorACCEView
42.15 September 2021Tumpa Rani SahaAssistant ProfessorCSEView
43.12 September 2021Arafat RahamanLecturerInternational RelationsView
44.08 September 2021Dr. Saleh AhmedAssociate ProfessorCSEView
45.07 September 2021Arafat RahamanLecturerInternational Relations View
46.06 September 2021Dr. Mrinal Kanti BaowalyAssociate ProfessorCSEView
47.02 September 2021Mansura KhanamAssistant ProfessorLawView
48.23 August 2021Dr. Nishith KumarAssociate ProfessorStatistics View
49.23 August 2021Ummay Mahfuza ShaplaAssistant ProfessorBMBView
50.23 August 2021Md. Lutful KabirAssistant ProfessorBMBView
51.22 August 2021Md. Bulu RahmanAssistant ProfessorPhysics View
52.22 August 2021Dr. Md. Jahidul islam ShohagAssistant ProfessorAgricultureView
53.17 August 2021Chayan MondalAssistant ProfessorEEEView
54.15 August 2021Ujjal MondalAssistant ProfessorAccounting & Information SystemsView
55.12 August 2021Md Injamum Ul HoqueLecturerAgricultureView
56.12 August 2021Md Hafizur RahmanAssistant ProfessorMarketingView
57.06 August 2021Tarikul IslamLecturerMathematicsView
58.04 August 2021Sheikh Md. MuniruzzamanAssistant ProfessorEnglishView
59.04 August 2021Zerin TasnimeAssistant ProfessorFinance & BankingView
60.30 July 2021Tania IslamAssistant ProfessorEconomicsView