List of NOC / GO / Office Order

# Upload Date Name Designation Office/Department NOC/GO
1.25 August 2019Abdullah Al-Mamun BulbulLecturerETEView
2.21 August 2019Rifat Ara MasudLecturerACCEView
3.19 August 2019Milon MondalLecturerPharmacyView
4.01 August 2019Sharmin IslamLecturerStatisticsView
5.01 August 2019Sabrina RahmanLecturerStatisticsView
6.31 July 2019Humayun AhammadAssistant Cook--View
7.31 July 2019Biplab BiswasAssistant ProfessorStatisticsView
8.31 July 2019Md. Abdul KhalequeLecturerACCEView
9.30 July 2019Shams Ara KhanAssistant ProfessorPharmacyView
10.29 July 2019Md. Rabiul IslamLecturerETEView
11.24 July 2019Shuvra Rani BhowmikAdministrative OfficerAccounts OfficeView
12.24 July 2019Muhammad Minarul IslamAssistant ProfessorMathematicsView
13.23 July 2019Nayeem IslamLecturerCivil EngineeringView
14.22 July 2019Md. Majnur RashidAssistant ProfessorSociologyView
15.21 July 2019Rabita HasanLecturerETEView
16.21 July 2019Khondoker Mahmud ParvezAssistant ProfessorInternational RelationsView
17.21 July 2019Dr. Nishith KumarAssistant ProfessorStatisticsView
18.17 July 2019Abdul MumitAssistant ProgrammerICT CellView
19.16 July 2019Imrul BiswasSection OfficerVC OfficeView
20.16 July 2019Md. Abu NayimSection OfficerRegistrar OfficeView
21.15 July 2019Baharul IslamComputer OperatorInternational RelationsView
22.14 July 2019Imrul BiswasSection OfficerVC OfficeView
23.14 July 2019Md. Sirajul IslamAssistant ProfessorMathematicsView
24.11 July 2019Md. Rabiul IslamLecturerETEView
25.09 July 2019Farjana IslamAssistant RegistrarRegistrar OfficeView
26.07 July 2019Samir Chandra RayAssistant ProfessorMathematicsView
27.07 July 2019Dr. Md. Raziur RahmanAssistant ProfessorLawView
28.07 July 2019Md. Shawon ShikderLab TechnicianCSEView
29.07 July 2019Abu ObaidaComputer OperatorVC OfficeView
30.07 July 2019Nizamul Hoque ChowduryAdministrative OfficerVC OfficeView
31.04 July 2019Md. Abu NayimSection OfficerRegistrar OfficeView
32.02 July 2019Md. Hafizur RahmanLecturerMarketingView
33.30 June 2019Md. KamruzzamanAssistant ProfessorACCEView
34.26 June 2019Pantha Protim SarkerLecturerEEEView
35.24 June 2019Khosrul AlamAssistant ProfessorEconomicsView
36.24 June 2019Khondoker Mahmud ParvezAssistant ProfessorInternational RelationsView
37.23 June 2019Tapas BalaAssistant ProfessorMarketingView
38.17 June 2019Md. Amdadul HaqueLecturerPolitical ScienceView
39.31 May 2019B. M. Ariful IslamProgrammerICT CellView
40.30 May 2019Sheikh Md. MuniruzzamanLecturerEnglishView
41.30 May 2019Sadia AfrinLecturerEnglishView
42.30 May 2019Md. Abdul Kuddus miahDeanLawView
43.30 May 2019Shams Ara KhanAssistant ProfessorPharmacyView
44.30 May 2019Zakia Sultana MuktaAssistant ProfessorBanglaView
45.30 May 2019Md. Kaes IslamAdministrative OfficerAccounts and FinanceView
46.29 May 2019Gobinda Lal MondalGardenerRegistrar OfficeView
47.29 May 2019Avijit BiswasLecturerAgricultureView
48.28 May 2019Shariful ChowdhuryLab AttendantStatisticsView
49.28 May 2019Tulika PodderLecturerSociologyView
50.28 May 2019Md. Hafizur RahmanLecturerMarketingView
51.27 May 2019Israt JahanLecturerMarketingView
52.27 May 2019Nayeem IslamLecturerCivil EngineeringView
53.27 May 2019Biplab BiswasAssistant ProfessorStatisticsView
54.26 May 2019Al Amin ChowdhuryOffice AssistantRegistrar OfficeView
55.22 May 2019Dr. Sheikh Ashiqurrahman PrinceAssociate ProfessorManagement StudiesView
56.22 May 2019Md. Humayun KabirLecturerSociologyView
57.21 May 2019Shamsul ArefinLecturerSociologyView
58.21 May 2019Nisith KumarAssistant ProfessorStatisticsView
59.16 May 2019Aysha SiddikaLecturerPublic AdministrationView
60.15 May 2019Md. Rezaul KhanAdministrative OfficerBanglaView
61.14 May 2019Abdullah Al-Mamun BulbulLecturerETEView
62.14 May 2019Md. Monowar HossainLecturerCSEView
63.13 May 2019Md. Abdul KhalequeLecturerACCEView
64.13 May 2019Md. Al AminLecturerMarketingView
65.11 May 2019Md. Matiar RahmanLecturerChemistryView
66.09 May 2019Tofsir UddinComputer OperatorAccounts OfficeView
67.06 May 2019Shams Ara KhanAssistant ProfessorPharmacyView
68.06 May 2019Md. Abdur RahmanAssistant ProfessorBanglaView
69.23 April 2019Zakia Sultana MuktaAssistant ProfessorBanglaView
70.16 April 2019Md. Zahid HasanLecturerStatisticsView
71.15 April 2019Md. Miraz ShikderAdministrative OfficerAccounts OfficeView
72.15 April 2019B.M. Esteshamul HaqueSection OfficerPlanning, Development & WorksView
73.11 April 2019Sharif Mofizur RahmanSecurity GuardRegistrar OfficeView
74.09 April 2019Shofiqul IslamSection OfficerManagement StudiesView
75.07 April 2019Obaidullah ChowdhuryGardenerN/AView
76.02 April 2019Umme Habiba MouLecturerLawView
77.02 April 2019Tania IslamLecturerFisheries & Marine BioscienceView
78.28 March 2019Shofikul IslamOffice AssistantRegistrar OfficeView
79.20 March 2019Dr. Md. Asaduzzaman KhanLecturerETEView
80.20 March 2019Husnul AjraLecturerCSEView
81.20 March 2019Shuvra Rani BhowmikAdministrative OfficerAccountsView
82.20 March 2019Subarna MaitraComputer OperatorAccountsView
83.19 March 2019Abul Bashar Ripon KhaliphaAssistant ProfessorPharmacyView
84.12 March 2019Farjana IslamAssistant RegistrarRegistrar OfficeView
85.07 March 2019Md. Anwar HossainAssiatant Audit officerVC OfficeView
86.07 March 2019Shakifa AkterLecturerCSEView
87.07 March 2019NasiruddinLecturerChemistryView