List of NOC / GO / Office Order

# Upload Date Name Designation Office/Department NOC/GO
1.19 June 2021Farzana YeasminAssistant ProfessorACCEView
2.06 June 2021Zerin TasnimeAssistant ProfessorFinance & BankingView
3.05 June 2021Ummay Mahfuza ShaplaAssistant ProfessorBMBView
4.01 June 2021Ms Mahfuja AkterAssistant ProfessorEconomicsView
5.01 June 2021Md Martuza AhmedAssistant Professor Computer Science & EngineeringView
6.30 May 2021UMMA HAFSA ASHALecturerPharmacyView
7.27 May 2021Dr. Md. Shamsul Arefin Assistant Professor Department of Management StudiesView
8.25 May 2021Maloy Kumar DevnathLecturerCSEView
9.18 May 2021Tania IslamAssistant ProfessorEconomicsView
10.26 April 2021Md. Rakibul IslamLecturerManagement StudiesView
11.26 April 2021Mabia KhatunLecturerFinance and BankingView
12.07 April 2021Md. RokonuzzamanAssistant ProfessorManagementView
13.04 April 2021Dr. Dipankar KumarAssistant professorMathematicsView
14.04 April 2021Dr. Nishith KumarAssistant ProfessorStatisticsView
15.04 April 2021Ishita RoyAssistant ProfessorManagement StudiesView
16.04 April 2021Shuvra Rani BhowmicAdministrative OfficerOFFICE OF THE FINANCE AND ACCOUNTSView
17.24 March 2021Mr. Ahasan ullahLecturerEEEView
18.16 March 2021Ms. Adhora TahsinLecturerCivil EngineeringView
19.15 March 2021Maloy Kumar DevnathLecturerCSEView
20.10 March 2021Md. Abdul Mannan KhanAssistant ProfessorAISView
21.10 March 2021Mahfuja AkterAssistant ProfessorEconomicsView
22.07 March 2021Md. Murad HossainAssistant ProfessorStatisticsView
23.01 March 2021Md Abdul KhaleqeLecturerACCEView
24.25 February 2021Ms. Bitan khanamAssistant ProfessorPublic AdministrationView
25.23 February 2021Asura Khanam LisaLecturerBiotechnology and Genetic EngineeringView
26.23 February 2021Md. Maidul HusainLecturerStatisticsView
27.14 February 2021NOC of Bitan KhanamAssistant ProfessorPublic AdministrationView
28.09 February 2021S M Golam HaiderController of ExaminationsOFFICE OF THE CONTROLLER OF EXAMINATIONSView
29.02 February 2021Md. SharifuzzamanLecturerLivestock Science and Veterinary MedicineView
30.02 February 2021Rakibul HasanLecturerEconomicsView
31.01 February 2021Md. Uzzal HossainAssistant ProfessorManagement StudiesView
32.16 January 2021Md. Muhyrninul IslamAssistant ProfessorEnvironmental Science and Disaster ManagementView
33.16 January 2021Dr. Dababrata PaulAssistant ProfessorChemistryView
34.20 January 2021Dr. Razina RoufAssistant professorPharmacy View
35.12 January 2021Rifat Ara MasudLecturerACCEView
36.12 January 2021Asura Khanam LisaLecturerBGEView
37.12 January 2021Kakoli KhatunLecturerStatisticsView
38.12 January 2021Mr. Naveed Mustahid RahmanLecturerLawView
39.28 December 2020Mrs. Parama SrideviLecturerEEEView
40.28 December 2020Mrs. Sharmin IslamLecturerStatisticsView