Department of Political Science

The systematic study of governance and power using empirical and essentially scientific methods of analysis is defined as political science. Political science examines the state and its organs and institutions, as it has traditionally been regarded and studied. The Department’s orientation towards undergraduate and graduate studies across all the areas of the discipline is to familiarize the students with emerging trends in Political Science and examines the relationship between the mood of thought and socio-political structure. It will also explore the relationship of rationality to both power and ideology and examine the power of ideology as well as the ideology of power. Thus the Department of Political Science considers the possibility of a search for knowledge. The students of the Political Science Department will be acquainted with the state of such knowledge and will interact with the people through research and fieldwork for relevant courses. Thus students will be able to share people’s thinking, belief, perceptions, and experience as well.

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Science and Technology University launched the Political Science department in 2017. Currently, the department offers only undergraduate programs. Each year about 60 students enrolled in the undergraduate program. The medium of instruction of the department is both Bengali and English.
To achieve the goal and to meet the educational demands of our future leaders in governance, political institutions, and international organizations, the Department of Political Science endeavors to provide students with the best quality of education from highly competent faculty members.

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