Department of Mathematics

Welcome to the Department of Mathematics at Bangabadhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Science and Technology University (BSMRSTU). The department of Mathematics is one of the five pioneering departments of BSMRSTU started its academic journey in the year of 2011. I am tremendously proud of the department and its vital contributions to the overall mission. I hope that this site will provide valuable information about our academic curriculum and research programs. The department offered four years integrated degree of B. Sc. (Honors) in Mathematics and M. Sc. in Applied Mathematics. The department started its academic activity with a mission to produce highly qualified graduates in the field of pure and applied Mathematics so that they can be a good researcher which will empower the science and technology of Bangladesh, as well as the whole world. An expertise manpower who will do better of the country and the whole world. The department is also providing the excellent educational and research infrastructure for the study of mathematical science and engineering, and on their use to solve many challenging problems in the relevant research fields. We believe that a sound knowledge of mathematical tools makes a good researcher to shine in his personnel profession. To reach such aimed, the high skilled and innovative faculties are taking part in research collaboration with national and international organization in the field of pure mathematics, applied mathematics, civil and mechanical engineering. The department provides a comprehensive curriculum that covers different aspects of mathematics and various relevant ongoing and foregoing research fields such as nonlinear partial differential equations, mathematical physics and biology, mathematical modeling, operations research, quantum algebra, topology, numerical analysis, computational fluid dynamics, wavelet analysis, signal and image processing and coastal remote sensing. We ensured that the department will be offered the degree of M. Sc. in pure Mathematics, M.Phil., and Ph.D. in Mathematics very soon. I invite you to browse our website to learn more about our curriculum and research profile of our expertise faculty members.

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