Department of Political Science

Message from Chairman

Dr. Md. Abu Saleh

Welcome to our department. The Department of Political Science notes that the subject of rationality and its relationship to socio-political order is one of the major concern of western political theory as may readily seen in the works of Marx, Dhurkheim and Weber and their modern heirs. The progressive accumulation of reason evidenced in material practice and its evolution into higher forms of cognitive and social integration have often caused us to overlook its sinister aspect. The emancipatory potential of reason so strongly stressed by some thinkers has to be balanced by Weber’s pessimism. Many recent theoretical debates in social science are concerned explicitly or implicitly with the concept of culture, with the nature and organization of societies as system of publicly sustained meaning and with the processes where by socio-political life is rendered coherent and intelligible. In the developing countries has not been an uninterrupted one in the history of modern political thought. The concepts of political structure and political system, the subject of Political Science has for the most part been unconcerned with the question of culture. However, recently such a concern did emerge towards the elaboration of theories concerning the cultural character and dimensions of contemporary socio-political life. The Department of Political Science will consider the critiques of western political theories and examines the relationship between mood of thought and socio-political structure. It will also explore the relationship of rationality to both power and ideology and examine the power of ideology as well as ideology of power. Thus the Department of Political Science considers the possibility of a search for knowledge. The students of B.S.S (Honours) of Political Science Department will be acquainted with the state of such knowledge and will interact with the people through research and field work for relevant courses. Thus students will be able to share people’s thinking, belief, perceptions and experience as well. The department of Political Science is established in 2017. Currently department offers B.S.S (Honours) program. Each year about 95 students enroll in the B.S.S (Honours) program. The medium of instruction is both Bengali and English.

Dr. Hasibur Rahman,
Assistant Professor
Department of Political Science
Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Science and Technology University
Gopalganj, Bangladesh.
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