Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Message from Chairman

Dr. A.T.M. Saiful Islam,
Associate Professor.

Welcome to the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering in Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Science and Technology University, Gopalganj, Dhaka.
Electrical & Electronics Engineering (EEE), deals with wide range of fields such as power generation, electronics, computers & control systems, telecommunication, Bio-Medical and so on. This branch provides students with a broad spectrum of fundamental knowledge focuses on design and manufacture of electrical, electronic devised, computers and their component parts, as well as on the integration of components into complex systems.
It is a source of pride for us that the Electrical and Electronic Engineering department has producing the graduates who are trained with high quality education program and Our programs prepare the students to compete in today's research and job premises where they can capable to accept the emerging challenges in the research as well as industrial sectors. Overall students of Electrical Engineering Department are one of the top minds and most hardworking. The teaching staffs are working in important positions in every region of the world. The faculties have doing their duties with the dedications which make the department is being headed towards creating an outstanding learning environment. All of them are passionate and committed for the realization of high quality electrical and electronic engineers and to be a world class researcher. The mission and vision of this department is to provide the opportunity to the brilliant youth of our beloved country who can realize their full potential and obtain a world class education and contribute to the development of our society.