Department of Sociology

Sociology as a new discipline has been started at BSMRSTU with the direct intervention of Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. It is strongly opposed that it will be irrelevant as it is a science and technology university, but She wishes to uncover the existing social phenomena of this area by offering Sociology discipline. With the vision to study the correct social structure in a scientific manner and to explore the causes and solutions of the existing social problems, this department has commenced its academic activities on January, 2013 with two teachers and fifty students in the session of 2012-2013. The first inauguration program of the 1st batch was held on January 01, 2013 and class was started from 1st January onward. After that, in every academic year, this department has been offering new student admission with a structured quality measures. As a result in 2013-14 Session it added 50 students, in 2014-15 session 50 students, in 2015-16 session 100 students and in 2016-17 session another 100 students. The department of Sociology is therefore aware of proving quality education. The department provides an excellent and bright young brand of teachers and officers who are deeply committed to the university to bring out best graduates in academic disciplines and human faculty, whose services and dedications are urgently needed for the reconstruction of our society.

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