Admission Test 2016-2017

(Corrected on 22.12.2016)

Information for First Year First Semester Admission-2016 (All Unit: 1st Waiting)

Admission Test Result-2016-2017:

Admission Notice for Economics Department
A Unit: Result Download
A Unit: Quota Download
B Unit: Result Download
B Unit: Quota Download
C Unit: Result Download
C Unit: Quota Download
D Unit: Result (Humanities) Download
D Unit: Result (Business Studies) Download
D Unit: Result (Science) Download
D Unit: Quota Download
E Unit: Result Download
E Unit: Quota Download
F Unit: Result(Business Studies) Download
F Unit: Result(Science) Download
F Unit: Result(Humanities) Download
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G Unit: Result Download
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Rules about the Admission Test and Mark Distribution

Download admission Circular 2016-2017

Help Line (10am - 8pm only):
For Bangladeshi Students:
01733-519962(Manoj Mandal, Lecturer, Dept. of BMB)
01874-046590 (Md. Lutful Kabir, Lecturer, Dept. of BMB)
01845-730412 (Fatema Khatun, Lecturer, Dept. of APECE)
For Foreign Students:
+8801784398430 (Dr. Dababrata Paul, Assistant Professor, Dept. of ACCE)
+8801627807137 (Mr. Taslim Ahammad, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Management Studies)

Units and Subjects

Unit A

Computer Science and Engineering Seats: 60
Electrical and Electronic Engineering Seats: 60
Applied Physics, Electronics and Communication Engineering Seats: 50
Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Seats: 60

Unit B

Mathematics Seats: 75
Statistics Seats: 70
Chemistry Seats: 95
Physics Seats: 95
Environmental Science & Disaster Management Seats: 195

Unit C

Pharmacy Seats: 50
Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering Seats: 80
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Seats: 80

Unit D

English Seats: 70
Bangla Seats: 90

Unit E

Sociology Seats: 100
Public Administration Seats: 90
International Relations Seats: 100
Economics Seats: 70

Unit F

Management Studies Seats: 70
Accounting and Information Systems Seats: 70
Marketing Seats: 100

Unit G

Law Seats: 100

Unit H

Agriculture Seats: 195
Total Seats(without quota): 2025